REH I Package - 16 games

REH I Package - 16 games


In comparison to traditional games designed for a Magic Carpet, these games have more vivid colors, homogeneous and light backgrounds, and decreased number of moving objects. Moreover, all active elements of a game are slower, and the pace of the game has been reduced.

All introduced measures have made the games more accessible for children with special educational needs and they serve ideal supporting measures for teachers and facilities engaged in education and care of children with special needs.

All applications are available with two levels of difficulty and a player receives an explicit reward, like clapping or cheering, after successfully completing a task.

Some applications have also been designed vertically as to increase the duration of the game and movement of the objects on the Magic Carpet. Thanks to that, a child possesses more time to complete a challenge. Properly designed games are successfully used as the educational and rehabilitation tool in Experience-the-world Rooms stimulating the senses of all participants.

Recommended games and activities develop the following skills and perform the following functions:

– concentration skills and visual and motion concentration
– a correct execution of the provided instructions
– develop spatial imagination
– have a mellowing and relaxing function, also reducing tonicity
– stimulate to express positive emotions
– develops big motility using a diversity of motion exercises

Funtronic Rehab is a packet dedicated to rehabilitation and care centers, and educational institutions. We wish to invite all representatives of such facilities to create new applications and adjust present ones to their particular needs.

The package Funtronic Rew has the following sets:


  • Numbers
  • Letters
  • Trackers of tracks
  • Mushrooming


  • Banana land
  • Fishes
  • Falling eggs
  • Elephant and sugar


  • Elf
  • Bees and honey
  • Football
  • Water


  • Happy Faces
  • Leaves
  • Piano
  • Bursting Balloons

Funtronic Floor has a 2-year warranty.

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This is a set of rehabilitation games. Due to therapy requirements, all the games of this set have more vivid colours, uniform and light background, and decreased number of objects moving on the screen. Moreover, all objects are of a bigger size, and the dynamics of the games is lowered. As a result, it makes games more accessible for reception and games prove to be an effective tool for therapy of children with special needs.