Executive Functions Development (PROMYK) Package - 25 games

Executive Functions Development (PROMYK) Package - 25 games


The Program for Stimulating the Development of Executive Functions is not only a set of attractive didactic aids, an interesting educational program or therapeutic tools (diagnosis, monitoring sheet, possibility of grading difficulties). This is primarily a strictly defined concept of working with the child, focusing on resources rather than child deficiencies where the teacher / therapist does not teach ready strategies, but stimulates the child to seek out his / her own solutions.

Stimulating Development of Executive Functions of children at and
prechool and elementary school age- requires training for the teachers

•Innovative concept of working with a child based on neuropsychology knowledge and brain research

•It uses modern educational and therapeutic tools (Interactive floor + set of exercises in the form of play to exercise executive functions)

•An attractive alternative to traditional methods of therapy and support of child development

The Stimulation of Development of Executive Functions uses three very natural elements in the functioning of the child:•

•Motivation - a powerful motivational stimulus is the use of interactive flooring, interesting multimedia games, and fun games (dialogue with the mysterious Captain Puzzle).

•Child's own activity - initiative - intentional activity,

•Social aspect - common fun


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The Executive Functions Development Stimulation Programme is an attractive alternative to traditional forms of therapy and support of the child’s development. The programme has evolved on the basis of an innovative concept of the work with a child described as the Integration of Executive Functions, that focuses on resources of the child (in the area of the closest development), not the deficits. The teacher or a therapist does not teach and provide ready solutions, but instead they stimulate a child to seek for their own solutions.