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Interactive Board

Modern technique - moderate price
The Polish Interactive Whiteboard is the first on the market solution using a wireless possibility of writing on a board, which can be any flat surface. Remote-controlled  communication works wirelessly, without any cables.
The Polish Interactive Whiteboard is, in fact, an electronic pen with which a user “writes” on a board, a screen or a wall, exactly like, with chalk on a blackboard. The camera, attached to the projector and paired with the computer follows the movements of the pen and copies them on the computer’s screen. The device is small and light.
The Polish Interactive Whiteboard allows to write “freely”on a surface where the picture from the projector is displayed, irrespective of the contents (presentations, pictures or software).
The user can underline, mark, draw or paint on it. A simple and readable picture menu, installed in the teacher’s computer can be operated by any interactive whiteboard user.

Help for teacher
- easy to use
- clean hands all the time
- quick to install
Multimedia lessons for students
- modern education
- concentrates attention
- free education resources
For every school
- high quality and fast operation
- works on every surface
- price revolution