Funtronic method uses a natural need for fun and “right effect” in learning which means that it strengthens a positive impact after completing the task. The method assumes directing the attention of the child to educational content through stimulating the senses of sight, hearing and system of praise (by sounds and pictures).

Funtronic Method may be used when working with children with special needs. Sets of games include content in line with the core curriculum so they can support teachers with children of different age.

Funtronic method is a method which strengthens other educational methods through the usage of new technologies in connection with traditional educational methods of teaching.

Using the Funtronic method makes use of three components: Fun (by movement) + Learning (memorizing, fusing) + Compensation (effect of conscious or unconscious reinforcement of areas requiring compensation). It assumes constant synergy of three areas, which by penetrating, they activate the potential in the child.

The Funtronic method implies a combination of real and virtual stimuli that are understandable for the child's instant messenger while PROTECTING against the common in the multimedia area alienation.

Technical safety is a special design (3 in 1 suspended from the ceiling) that prevents the child from connecting to a power source and the teacher gives comfort to the user (control ONLY REMOTE - just like TV).


- an integral approach, crossing methods and techniques

- a combination of the so called traditional teaching methods with new technologies

- the use of the gamification model and pedagogy of fun

- motion and fun education using interactive multimedia

- use different learning styles and stimulate different senses

- the opportunity to take many tests by the student and use the error in the educational process

- developing a creative attitude and seeking solutions

- empowerment in the students

- combining the virtual world with real objects

- Gentle introduction to the multimedia world

- use of different axes of perception


What we gain from FUNTRONIC:

- activation of students

- strengthening mobility (including small and large motor)

- development of visual-auditory-spatial-spatial coordination

- developing spatial thinking

- natural use of learning styles and stimulation of the senses

- experience and experimentation

- individual or group information acquisition and processing

- combining educational goals with new technologies

- education through fun and showing multimedia as an educational space and not just entertainment

- developing simple skills and complex competencies

- allowing students to make mistakes, see them, correct them and fix them

- sense of responsibility in the students

- developing social competences

- strengthening and stimulating the natural curiosity of the child / pupil

- natural correlation in the teaching process

- organization of the teaching process using new technologies


„stimulation of psychophysical activity and involvement in activities (activation methods)

„involving children in the group,


„reduction of muscle tone

„rehabilitation elements

Funtronic is currently used in many Polish and European schools and kindergartens. It was presented at many methodological conferences, seminars and meetings with teachers. From the very beginning of the method implementation, mini-tests and evaluation methods have been conducted. Currently, research is being conducted with a research partner - the Pedagogical University of the National Education Commission in Cracow.