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The child's school performance, followed by his life and professional successes depend on the level of development of executive functions. The development of executive functions is more important for school readiness than the intelligence quotient or the initial level of mathematical skills and reading. The Program for Stimulating the Development of Executive Functions, the aim of which is to support the child in the field of basic competences related to the learning process, implementation to problem thinking has been developed in Poland. The program is based on an innovative concept of working with a child using the Integration Functioning Method, which uses an innovative tool - an interactive floor.

The Integration of Executive Functions Method is a strictly defined concept of working with a child, focusing on resources and not the child's deficits, in which the teacher / therapist does not teach ready-made strategies, only stimulates the child to seek their own solutions (Wacławowicz, 2016). By training executive functions using the described program and the interactive floor, the child, motivated internally, takes the initiative, becomes more independent, more and more influences his actions and controls what he does, begins to be reflective and aware of his feelings and plans. In addition, work according to the Program for Stimulating Development of Executive Functions allows you to maintain your child's curiosity, does not inhibit the natural need of movement, supports cognitive development, communication and social competences, and motor skills.

The program is designed not only for children with developmental challenges, it has the character supporting the development of each child in the area of core competences related to the learning process and equips the scaffolding with independent, intentional activity through the organization of problem-based thinking.